I am available for hire

I’ve been doing some proper, paid, freelance government digital work for the last few months. A piece of work for the Cabinet Office, and another for a health ALB, so bits of government that I know quite well.

I must admit that when I started, after quite a long layoff, I didn’t know how I would feel about it. I wasn’t sure how easily it would all come back to me, whether I would recover the energy that I previously had for this stuff, or how I would feel being the supplier rather than the client.

But I’ve really enjoyed it, and I think I’ve done a decent job. It’s actually been a real pleasure to work alongside passionate and clever people, committed to doing good work, and I’m very grateful to Liam and Rupert in particular for that.

So as those projects come to an end, I find that I am a freelance digital person with spare capacity, and available for hire.

My About page lists some of the things that I think people might pay me to do – things that I like doing, have done before, and am quite good at – as well as ways to get in touch.