Photo of Stephen Hale

My name is Stephen Hale.

I do digital and strategy work for Lagom Strategy. I used  to do similar work as head of digital for a government department.

Here are some  things that I like doing, have done before, and am quite good at:

And here’s Steph saying nice things about me doing some of these things.

I have about many years experience working inside government. I’ve worked as head of digital for the UK Department of Health, head of digital engagement for the Foreign Office, and I’ve done digital things in a few other bits of government too.

Also, I am a qualified children’s cricket coach, I have a personal interest in finding better ways to support autistic people and their families, and I have a thing about some of the more remote parts of Scotland. My ideal job would be coaching a cricket team of autistic children on Iona. If you know of any openings for people to do that, please let me know.

I think of myself as someone who blogs all the time. The evidence disputes this, but here are some examples of blogs by me:

I tweet as @hmshale. You can see what jobs I’ve had and what I’m qualified to do on LinkedIn. You can email me at stephen@hmshale.com.


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